Soccer Equipment Present

On February 21, we visited Unwanul Huda School to deliver the soccer equipment to local children. They were very surprised to see the customized uniforms as their name and favorite number were printed on the back. Also, the children were excited to receive brand new soccer balls to play around during their break time. Overall, the visit was a memorable and meaningful time for both the children and us.


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Mobile Library Project

As we finished making the bookshelf (appreciate assistance from facility staffs!), we decided to create a library system which would facilitate local children to easily borrow and return books that they desire to read.

As shown in the picture below, I created a library index card with book title and author name for each book so that children could write their name and date they borrowed the book. KakaoTalk_Photo_2018-04-10-11-02-08_57

With index cards attached on each book, the mobile library is complete! It has wheels on it so that it could be easily moved, filled with some basic english books and generally Indonesian books whose topic would certainly intrigue children (Disney princess and Why Series). Also, it has a door to protect books from rain.


On April 10, I visited Unwanul Huda school to deliver the mobile library to local children. They were very interested to the mobile library and happy to receive new books to read and I explained to them how to use it: writing name when borrowing books and return in 5 days.


Hope this mobile library will improve children’s education!

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2017-18 Mobile Library Project

On Nov 25, 2017, we visited IKEA in Tangerang City in order to purchase bookshelves that will be used for Mobile Library Project. We purchased a bookcase with metal cover so that the books inside would be keep clean even if it rains.

On Dec 9, 2017, we purchased books for grade 5-6. We considered the kind of books which children will be interested in both for girls and boys. (Sci-fi and adventure books for boys and Disney princess book for girls) More books for lower grades will be purchased during December break.

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Batik and tie dye event

We had a wonderful time with the Unwanul Huda students learning how to make tie dye cloth and traditional batik. Have a look at the video 🙂

We will try to get another group of students to enjoy this activity soon.

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Batik Event

On Feb 17, 2017, children from the local school called Unwanul Huda next to our school JIS came and experienced creating batik which was held by the Hand by hand club! In this event, children learned the traditional way to illustrate motifs on the cloth using a tool called “chanting” to apply liquid hot wax on the their clothes. Part of the children experienced tie-dye using a particular batik dye and created their own original flamboyant clothes.IMG_5591.JPG

          Interviewing to the batik experts, one of the woman mentioned that these days, hand made batik is decreasing years by years. These changes caused by technology improvement reduced the opportunity for children to learn about the history of batik, which is why not only the children and the JIS student, but also the batik experts who taught us was very pleased to bequeath the culture. She even said that “Indonesian government should make batik sessions as a mandatory event for all the children”. I agree with this idea because passing on culture is necessary to protect the tradition.




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Kidzania 2016!

Another Kidzania trip was conducted on the 5th of February 2016 by three of the Hand by Hand group members, Amyra, Yoonjoo and Tianze. Similar to the last trip, the three students took primary students from Unwanul Huda to Kidzania which located in the Pacific Place mall. Over there, the primary students experienced many vocations which they might dedicate themselves in in the future while having a good time. Just like the previous trip held in 2014, all the kids gained precious experience at the end. The trip was wonderful for all Unwanul Huda students and us.



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Soccer Tournament!

For the sake of helping the kids from Unwanul Huda elementary School to obtain the experience of playing soccer game, we organized a soccer tournament for kids in JIS on March 12th, 2016. Particular thanks to our vice president, Xiyu for investing time on the following report!


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Because the seniors are preparing for their final IB exams, we, the class of 2017, will be in charge of the hand-by-hand service program.


  • President: Amyra
  • Vice President:Xiyu
  • Treasurer:YoonJoo
  • Media Liaison; DaEun & Tianze

Our plan for this semester:

  • Kidzania (February 5th)
  • Fun Fair (April 16th)
  • Soccer Tournament (undetermined)
  • Educational Video (undetermined)

We are looking forward to provide the kids with better futures. Please leave comments on the page if you have any problem or suggestion to us.

-Feb 5th, 2016IMG_4582.JPG

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Taking over!

Hello 🙂 Since the class of 2015 graduated, we, as the seniors, are taking over Hand by Hand. Our current officers are:

President: Haruka
Co-President: Amanda
Treasurer: Kurumi
Co-Media Liaisons: Maurice, Sarah

We are looking forward to making changes and teaching kids. Hope this year will be a wonderful year with our kids 🙂
Thank you for reading, please leave a comment if you have any suggestions/questions for our new team. We will respond to it as soon as possible.


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On Oct. 22th 2014, three students from Jakarta International School (Xiangrui, Xinyu, Mingyao) took twenty-eight primary school students from Unwanul Huda to Kidzania, a entertainment center for children. Kids enjoyed performing vocations in real world. Through the activity, those students generated ideas about what they would do in the future. All kids appreciated the opportunity and said thank you after the trip. It was a huge success.

Photos are posted below.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 1(1) photo 4(1) photo 2 photo 4(2)

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