Unwanul Huda Elementary School Soccer Cup 2013

On October 26th 2013, a soccer cup was held in Jakarta International
School. Athletes of Grade 4 to 6 from Unwanul Huda Elementary School
came over to JIS soccer field for the UHESSC (Unwanul Huda
Elementary School Soccer Cup). There were four teams of 8 players and
we used playoff format to decide the winner. The whole competition lasted for two hours. In the end, medals were awarded and prizes were distributed.

All teams and organizers after the games. Fun was had by all!

The grand prizes for the winning team are soccer shoes – donations from
Adidas, which are being organized by Adidas Group Country Manager,
Mr. Wojciech Kur.

Mr. Jakubowski, on behalf of Mr. Kur, handed out the prizes to the winning team members.

Mr. Jakubowski, on behalf of Mr. Kur, handed out the prizes to the winning team members.

Meanwhile, during the match, we offered drinks, chocolate pies, and ice cream. These snacks were made possible through
donations and fund raising from the Polish Business Club (PBC) and its
Chairman, Mr. Andrzej Jakubowski, who sponsored ice cream and all the
medals; Do Young’s friendly company Orion World, who sponsored
Chocopies; Anneesha Uno, who brought milk and Oreos; and Asta’s
friendly company Kino Corporation, who donated Bird’s Nest canned
drinks and two varieties of Snackit Pia snacks.

You can also read the Unwanul Huda Soccer Cup 2013 – full report written by “T” (Xiang Rui Tao) where you will see the best players’ names and photos. More photos and videos can be viewed on JIS Dragontales.

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