Batik Event

On Feb 17, 2017, children from the local school called Unwanul Huda next to our school JIS came and experienced creating batik which was held by the Hand by hand club! In this event, children learned the traditional way to illustrate motifs on the cloth using a tool called “chanting” to apply liquid hot wax on the their clothes. Part of the children experienced tie-dye using a particular batik dye and created their own original flamboyant clothes.IMG_5591.JPG

          Interviewing to the batik experts, one of the woman mentioned that these days, hand made batik is decreasing years by years. These changes caused by technology improvement reduced the opportunity for children to learn about the history of batik, which is why not only the children and the JIS student, but also the batik experts who taught us was very pleased to bequeath the culture. She even said that “Indonesian government should make batik sessions as a mandatory event for all the children”. I agree with this idea because passing on culture is necessary to protect the tradition.




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