Mobile Library Project

As we finished making the bookshelf (appreciate assistance from facility staffs!), we decided to create a library system which would facilitate local children to easily borrow and return books that they desire to read.

As shown in the picture below, I created a library index card with book title and author name for each book so that children could write their name and date they borrowed the book. KakaoTalk_Photo_2018-04-10-11-02-08_57

With index cards attached on each book, the mobile library is complete! It has wheels on it so that it could be easily moved, filled with some basic english books and generally Indonesian books whose topic would certainly intrigue children (Disney princess and Why Series). Also, it has a door to protect books from rain.


On April 10, I visited Unwanul Huda school to deliver the mobile library to local children. They were very interested to the mobile library and happy to receive new books to read and I explained to them how to use it: writing name when borrowing books and return in 5 days.


Hope this mobile library will improve children’s education!

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