Our sponsors

We hope you will join this list of our sponsors, to whom we are grateful for donations.

We at Hand by Hand Indonesia THANK YOU 🙂

Donations thus far received from:

  • Polglass Consulting – funds
  • Head of sampling at CCI – Frestea for our bake sale
  • The Sawada Family – DVD player for the school
  • Jakarta International School – 2 TV sets and carts for the school
  • Andrzej Jakubowski – official jersey autographed by Polish National Soccer Team captain, Kuba BĹ‚aszczykowski, and auctioned at the Polish Business Club meeting on August 30,2012
  • Brendan Pound – winner of the auction at the Polish Business Club meeting, and donating 4,750,000 Rp to Hand by Hand Indonesia Project.Brendan Pound at auction
  • Anna and Tadeusz Wielgos – funds



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