Teaching English

The Indonesian school offers Saturday English lessons in four groups. We take turns and try to maintain presence in one section for a month if possible.

This is the English lesson schedule on Saturdays.

Grade 6 > 0700 – 0830
Grade 2 > 0830 – 0915
Grade 3 > 0950 – 1100
Grade 5 > 1100 – 1210

Each Saturday we visit one of the classes and either assist the English teacher or teach ourselves. We not only teach, we also learn ourselves.

Here are some photos of visits in October and November 2013

Mana, Yuriko and Ming with local students

Here is a video of a visit in January 2013.

Here are some examples of our work. Watch the video of Yuka, Yurino and Shono in action (Shin filmed them 🙂 )

Teaching a game to remember body parts

On another occasion Yoo Jin, Yeon Jin  and Yong Hee were teaching names of fruit and vegetables.

Great Job! 😀

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